Finca Garbet 2005

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(Castillo de Perelada)
Red wine (100 % Syrah)
Castillo de Perelada
D.O. Empordà
Year: 2005

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 30th October 2012

Castillo de Perelada is the Empordà’s history in the making and its credentials are very evident: a magnificent set of historic monuments topped by the medieval castle, which is a symbol of the region, the wine museum, modern and well-functioning installations, an ongoing programme of research and recovery of indigenous varieties, and an extensive list of products widely recognised by consumers and international wine critics alike.


Red wine the colour of ripe cherries with superb opacity. Very lively in the glass and forming copious, dense and fairly thick tears.


Very overwhelming, full of toasts, smoked meats, abundant spices. On swirling the glass, fruit aromas appear recalling the ripe red fruits that imbue it with freshness.


Showing great balance, its potency is apparent but shielded well by powerful, rounded and juicy tannins, with a depth of fruit worthy of the finest Syrahs. A flavoursome finish that takes us to the countryside and leaves its mark well after drinking.


The winery’s “ace” is a most carefully produced wine which originates from the estate that bears its name. Located on the Mediterranean shores, to the north of Cap de Creus, it comprises 12 hectares cultivated in terraces on slate soils, and we would not be mistaken in claiming that this is undoubtedly one of the country’s most beautiful vineyards. A spectacular wine is the result and clear proof that at Perelada, making a great wine with personality does not happen by chance. Garbet is profound, enveloping, mature and elegant. It is a true reflection of the Mediterranean climate in a glass. There are numerous pairing options, but game meat could be a good choice when confronting the powerfulness of this wine and any dish containing black truffles could round off a truly unique experience. Given its great concentration, it may be cellared for several years with no problem.

Serving temperature

from 16 to 18º C

Decanting is advisable an hour before serving.