Emilio Rojo 2010

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(Emilio Rojo)
White wine (Albariño, Lado, Treixadura y Loureira Blanca (no especifications about %))
Emilio Rojo
D.O. Ribeiro
Year: 2010

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 1st April 2012

A Spanish white wine elevated to mythical status is bound to be something quite unusual and amazing too. Emilio Rojo has achieved not only this but also succeeded in creating a wine that is one of the most sought-after on the market and well placed on the best national and international wine lists.


Magnificent straw-yellow colour, very bright.


Clean and pleasant white flower aromas prevail at the start giving way to a more fruit-driven rather citrus intensity and with very pronounced orange blossom notes.


Very concentrated, this is a white wine with some weight and volume that fills the palate. It is silky and very elegant on the mid-palate. Very definite hints of the notes detected on the nose with a lot more fruit. A long finish that is powerful, clean and fresh.


Emilio Rojo stands out significantly above its neighbours in many aspects of quality and remarkably successful is the power that this wine has in its youth and the capacity it has to age gracefully, reserving itself for those with the most patience, to give enormous after-dinner pleasure. A wine to bring you right up to date as regards the country’s whites and one to boast about as a job well done (totally hand-crafted) that vindicates a region and its indigenous varieties.

To typecast this wine with just local sea food from Galicia would simply be to waste its potential and therefore it should definitely be tried out with other types of repast much higher in fat content and stronger, because this wine won’t wilt. A dish of Asian origin, but also a very national one, such as steamed Iberian pork Bossäm is a fantastic combination.

Serving temperature: from 8 to 10º C

Recommended glass: Riedel, Vitis Collection, Riesling glass