Delamotte Blanc de Blancs 2002

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(Champagne Delamotte)
Champagne (100% Chardonnay)
Champagne Delamotte
A.O.C. Champagne
Year: 2002

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 10th March 2013

Founded in Reims in 1760, Delamotte recently celebrated its 250th anniversary. It has always been best known for the location of its vineyards in the “the king of the champagne vineyards”, the Mesnis sur Oger Grand Cru, as well as for its enduring “fraternity” with the prestigious Maison Salon since 1988, with whom it shares a technical team and property. Although part of the largest family group in Champagne, Delamotte retains its original essence as a quality reference in the region and much appreciated by the most seasoned of connoisseurs. Constantly and unconditionally promoting the virtues of the Chardonnay grape, its champagnes are elegant, very pleasant and made with consummate care. A real champagne that reaches every drinker without having sacrificed an ounce of quality.


Bright coppery yellow hue. Fine, constant bubbles with the formation of very white foam.


Abundantly creamy. Very distinct aromas of baked ripe fruit. Autolysis notes reminiscent of brioche, crême brulée, caramelized walnuts.


Very big and powerful, with noticeable candied fruit and liquor-like citrus. The carbon dioxide gives a fresh balance to the finish. Very clean.


There are hundreds of sparkling wines on the market that boast of their uniqueness to be chosen to represent the style or skill of the champagne houses, in certain vintages. Unfortunately, sometimes, that honour falls far or very far from the abstract claims of certain companies. Thankfully this is not the case of Delamotte, and its very best offering is masterful. From the excellent 2002 vintage, this “young” vintage champagne is bound to delight fans of intense, creamy, delicious flavours. It is well-balanced and absolutely delectable. Extremely robust, it is very powerful on entry to the palate and this potency cries out to be paired with some great celebration dish, on a par with it. Fresh scallops with truffle Parmentier is child’s play for this great champagne.