Cristal 2004

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(Champagne Louis Roederer)
Champagne (55 % Pinot Noir, 45 % Chardonnay)
Champagne Louis Roederer
A.O.C. Champagne
Year: 2004

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 30th October 2012

If there were to be one house in the world which truly reflects the meaning of the word luxury when applied to the sphere of the wine industry, the family-owned Maison Louis Roederer might possibly be that one. Located in Reims, heart of the northerly Champagne region Louis Roederer has always been, since its beginnings in 1776, an international reference point for quality and prestige, principally renowned in the English-speaking market and particularly in the past for being the official purveyor to the Court of the Russian Tsar.


Bright yellow colour with coppery glints. Rosary of very fine bubbles.


Most expressive, bringing to the fore an intense aroma of very fresh Golden Delicious apples. Background of acidic red fruits. Slightly spicy. Very elegant creamy notes on the finish.


Fresh, voluminous and rounded. It is fairly vinous, with a good integration of carbonic acid. Depth and length on the passage with citrus, smoky and pastry hints. Finishing clean and dry.


The prestige cuvée was created in 1876 by special request of Tsar Alexander II who formally asked Roederer, not only to create a unique Champagne of remarkable elegance, concentration and freshness, but also that its singularity should essentially reside in the bottle which contained it. This had to be completely transparent and flat-bottomed. Its design has remained the same to this day without any variation at all and it proves difficult to imitate for other companies who have tried throughout history to copy, unsuccessfully, the glamorous and perennial style of a cuvée which is limited to around 500,000 bottles, highly-prized by the market. If we want to feel like a Tsar, we should drink it with entrées based on smoked salmon, vol-au-vents with cream of crayfish or caviare, as likely good choices. If we prefer to keep it on further down the menu, then delicious fresh lobster ‘Catalan style’ is a very worthy accompaniment to this legendary wine.

Serving temperature

from 10 to 12º C