Clos Mireille Blanc de Blancs

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(Domaine d´Ott)
White wine (70% Semillon, 30% Rolle)
Domaine d´Ott
A.O.C. Côtes de Provence
Year: 2013

 Xavi Nolla
 29th May 2017

Marcel Ott, a young agronomist of Alsatian origin, established his wine business 120 years ago, in the firm belief that only the best land could produce the best wines. And, with that in mind, he sought out unique vineyard plots in one of the oldest wine regions in France - Provence.   Sun, sea, and limestone soil…

Marcel wanted to revive an area whose vineyards had been destroyed by Phylloxera to restore the vineyards and its wines to their former glory.  He therefore replanted the vineyards with high-quality, noble grape varieties with which to produce his wines, which are still the gold standard today.

So, at the heart of this unique wine, and the pure essence of the brand, lies the original philosophy behind Monsieur Ott’s wines and vineyards.

Clos Mireille comes from a single vineyard, which gives it its name and personality, and from poor, saline soils, which endow it with breadth, freshness and an array of aromas and flavours.  The Bordeaux Semillon grape creates the wine’s structure and makes up most of its blend, complemented, in this case, by the native Rollé, a fresh, upfront grape variety, which is also used in the majority of the region’s rosés, along with the ubiquitous Grenache.

Clos Mireille is therefore a wine that very elegantly reveals the purity of its origins, displaying a bright sunny hue, the refreshing saltiness of the sea, and the balsamic and aromatic splendour of the Mediterranean vineyard landscape.