Clos Dominic Blanc 2012

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(Clos Dominic)
White wine (Garnacha blanca, Macabeo, Pedro Ximénez, Picapoll and Riesling)
Clos Dominic
D.O.Q. Priorat
Year: 2012

 18th June 2013

This is a splendid example of a Priorat bodega, created in 1998, which quickly made ​​a name for itself in the market and which has enjoyed international critical acclaim since its first release with the 2002 harvest.  Run by the Castillo-Bairaguet husband and wife team, it is by definition a family winery which has only 10 hectares of vineyards located in Porrera. Here both Paco Castillo and his daughter, Ingrid, handle the winemaking side of the business.  Their wine pleasantly surprises us every year, faithfully reflecting the power of the Licorella (brown slate) soils which concentrate the wonderful fruit that Priorat gives us.


Golden yellow, clean and bright with a certain unctuosity in the glass.


Very complex and evolving. Really fragrant after a few minutes in the glass. Aromas of white fruit at the beginning followed by unroasted nuts. Some scrub and honey-like aromas towards the finish.


Full on entry, with luscious taste sensations. Good acidity carrying through to the finish despite the unctuosity. The fruit aromas come through again with notes of lychee, melon and slightly cooked apple. Some not unpleasant hints of toast make the wine delectable.


An example of fine breeding. A white that charms from the first sip and that sits squarely within a select group of unique, rare and sought after Spanish whites, with the added difficulty of it coming from a region better known for its red wines than its whites. Another snag for those wanting to stock up on a few bottles is that they only make 300 to 500 bottles per year and these are quickly snapped up when released on the market.  A crianza white which can be enjoyed now but deserves to be patiently laid down for a couple of years to see its beautiful evolution. This is the perfect wine for enjoying with winter meals, to marvel at the power of its body, fruit and mature characteristics which would make it a good match for freshwater fish. Trout stuffed with raisins and pine nuts, served with a light mango chutney, could be a smart choice.

Glass by RIEDEL, VITIS collection, RIESLING model