Chateau Musar Red 2005

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(Chateau Musar)
Red wine (Cabernet Sauvignon, Cinsault)
Chateau Musar
Year: 2055

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 12th November 2013

Serge Hochar produces one of the best wines in the world…not in Bordeaux, not in Napa or the Moselle.. but in the Bekaa Valley in Lebanon.  Its name is Château Musar, it was founded in 1930, and it is considered to be Lebanon’s best winery.  It has 180 hectares of vineyards growing at an altitude of 1,000 metres in Bekadalen to the north of Beirut. This setting enjoys climatic conditions that are considered perfect for grape growing and also have the benefit of being free of disease.

All Château Musar red wines mature for a full 7 years before being released on the market and then only a third of the wine produced is sold. The rest remains ageing in the silence in the heart of this biblical mountain: the cellar built in 1932 by Serge’s father, Gaston, houses six million bottles or more. The oldest Musar vintages fetch high prices at major auctions. 


A brick-red hue of medium intensity with brownish tones, indicating a degree of decline.


Complex and unique.  Some striking deer and mousy notes predominate, the hallmark of this wine house.  Later, notes of blackberry liqueur, Asian spices and seasoned wood come through.


Structured, meaty and contradictory, since its aromatic profile gives you the picture of a wine that is more evolved than its aromas would suggest. Its low acidity leaves a certain impression of harshness on the finish.  


This concentrated, elegant 2005 Château Musar possesses the unique character of the best vintages, with a Brettanomyces odour (old socks) as well as vinegar (high volatile acidity), combined with delicious ripe fruit flavours. Nevertheless, the acidity on the palate is fairly low, which means that the wine can be enjoyed to the full today, yet could easily bear a few more years’ ageing. 

Very impressive accompanied by hare “à la Royale”.

Wine glass by RIEDEL, SOMMELIERS collection, BORDEAUX GRAND CRU model