Ata Rangi Chardonnay 2011

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(Ata Rangi)
White wine (100% Chardonnay)
Ata Rangi
South Africa
South Africa
Year: 2011

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 13th October 2014

Ata Rangi is without question one of the most distinguished wineries in the New World, with its wines available in over 25 countries. It is situated in the area of stony terrain around ​​Martinborough, at the southern tip of New Zealand’s North Island.

Prompted by studies that highlighted the great similarities between the microclimate in this area and that of ​​Burgundy, they selected this property on which to plant their vines. This was in 1980 and would be the start of viticulture in the region. A key factor in the success of their wines is the icy wind blowing up from Antarctica, which forces the vine to reduce its production, resulting in wines which are more concentrated and fuller in flavour yet still fresh.


Lemony yellow with golden tints.  Bright and satiny.


Aromas of stone fruit such as peaches, citrus and pineapple, followed by fruity aromas, along with sweeter notes, such as vanilla and cloves, with hints of roasting, spices and oak on the finish.


Deliciously full bodied and well structured. Smoky and spicy retro-nasal aromas due to the wine’s fermentation in wood.  Nice, long-lasting finish.


Although arguably the star of the winery is its Pinot Noir, this white Chardonnay wine is impeccable.  It comes from the planting in Craighall, where Martinborough’s oldest Chardonnay vines grow on stony soils, with little rainfall and very exposed to the wind.  The wine has spent nine months on its lees in oak barrels. Don’t expect to find typical Chardonnay fruit, but rather a superb creamy character that makes this a dense and delicious tasting wine of surprising freshness. You will also be surprised by its long-lingering aftertaste. This Chardonnay is considered one of the best whites from New Zealand.

Recommended with chicken with prawns and almonds.