Argonne 2002

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(Henri Giraud)
Champagne (75% Pinot Noir, 25% Chardonnay)
Henri Giraud
A.O.C. Champagne
Year: 2002

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 24th June 2013

Henri Giraud is a family champagne house unknown to the general public but appreciated and highly prized by experienced connoisseurs of the champagne world. With a long wine tradition throughout its history which began in the 17th century, it was not until 1990 that the champagne house started down its current route. This is when the 12th generation, headed by Claude Giraud, re-introduced the champagne house to the world. Located in Aÿ, the Henri Giraud champagne house marries the best of tradition with the intensity born in its Grand Cru vineyards. Its champagnes are always very exclusive and always show a strong character which is anything but light and ephemeral. These wines are grandiose, flavoursome and great bastions of hand crafted champagne. The champagne house maintains very high moral values which can be resumed as: be passionate about wine and the vineyards, be observant in order to work in harmony with the environment, and be receptive to new ideas without bounds and, in so doing, get to the heart of the vineyards.


Beautiful orange colour, with fine, gently rising bubbles.


Smoky notes and a somewhat oxidative profile. Salient aromas of withered flowers, anise and spices. Very complex.


Robust, with noticeable aromas of cooked apples blending with notes of walnut, oak and vanilla. Soft silky texture. Long and deep.


Produced from the extraordinary 2002 harvest, Argonne is the champagne house’s newest creation launched on the market only this year. It is made up of three quarters Pinot Noir and the remainder Chardonnay aged in oak barrels from the Argonne Forest. There are only eight thousand individually numbered bottles, decorated with fine gold letters and sealed with the traditional staple. It is a champagne with a firm structure, great personality and sensations that are constantly changing in the glass. An excellent champagne which concentrates a delicious bouquet of fine oak with superlative maturity. It is a gem just waiting to be discovered, which can be enjoyed now or saved as a surprise for a special dinner.