Aniversario 2004

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(Coto de Gomariz)
Red wine (100 % Sousón)
Coto de Gomariz
D.O. Ribeiro
Year: 2004

 Selectus Wines Tasting Panel
 24th June 2013

Coto Gomariz is a bodega which started acquiring vineyards in 1979 with the firm intention of promoting the region’s native grape varieties. With a young, enterprising spirit, the Carreiro family has organized this winery which has over 20 hectares of vineyards under biodynamic viticulture and which today is under the tutelage of oenologist, Xosé Lois Sebio. Their work focuses primarily on the different soils to which they have adapted their repertoire of grape varieties, which are then vinified separately. It is recognized as being one of the most innovative bodegas in Galicia and its cast of wines represents a production of around 200,000 bottles a year.


A red wine with a very bright crimson red, slightly velvety, hue.


Shy at first, it slowly unfolds aromas of concentrated black fruit, liquorice and smoky wood.


Strength, potency. Medium volume, it plays back notes detected on the nose with loads of flavour. Strong finish, still showing a fair amount of youth.


Amazing mono-varietal of the Sousón native grape which has needed a very long 45 months ageing period in French oak to tame it. The 2004 vintage was unique in Ribeiro and the wine was launched on the market to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the bodega. From the Atlantic character of the wine there remains a blurred trace, because we have no references to which we can compare this strange but delicious creation, of which there are only 300 bottles to be had. With plenty of life ahead of it, we predict over a decade of enjoyment. An unprecedented piece within the array of quality red wines that can increasingly be found from the lands of King Breogán. Lavish meals with game dishes are a unique experience with a wine that boasts superlative concentration.