AAA 2008 Pago Marqués de Griñón

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(Pago Marqués de Griñón)
Red wine (Graciano and Petit Verdot)
Pago Marqués de Griñón
Year: 2008

 Selectus Wines tasting panel
 17th September 2013

In 2002, Dominio de Valdepusa became the first Spanish estate to receive the prestigious "Vino de Pago" classification as its own appellation of origin. This bodega, located in Malpica del Tajo (Toledo), belongs to the well-known figure, Carlos Falcó, Marques de Griñon, who pioneered the planting of foreign grape varieties, the modernization of viticulture and the production of great "vinos de pago" (estate wines) in Spain.

The estate has been in his family since 1292 and includes 50 hectares of vineyards. It was one of the first vineyards in Spain to introduce drip irrigation, as well as innovative techniques for uniform insolation (direct effect of the sun's rays on surfaces) of the clusters, known as "canopy management". The estate grounds also boasts a great diversity of flora with a large botanical garden containing over 300 different species and various 18th century buildings.


Strong, intense cherry red hue.


Distinct aromas of ripe black fruit with hints of scrubland and balsamic touches. Nice oak combined with the spicy characteristics.


Full flavoured and well balanced. Nice tannins with some balsamic aromas and giving an impression of maturity.  Complex retronasal aromas.  Nice, intense finish.

Comment: The AAA name was inspired by the pursuit of excellence and is also the highest rating of solvency attributed to countries or companies.  AAA also denotes uniqueness - Carlos Falcó's three daughters, of different ages and each possessing fascinating personalities - the letter "A" appears three times in each of their names: Alejandra, Tamara and Aldara.

This is the bodega's iconic wine and comes from a single vineyard, the Finca Casa de Vacas.      It is only produced in very small quantities, from the most exceptional batches of wine in the best years.

This is a very modern style, very fruity wine, with a markedly forthright varietal character. In this vintage, it shows itself to be mature and pleasant, with a discernible balsamic character which adds a delicious freshness.

Perfect with beef tenderloin with foie gras and blackberry sauce.

Glass by RIEDEL, GRAPE collection, CABERNET/MERLOT model.