Molino Real 2007

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(Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez)
Sweet wine (100% Moscatel of Alejandria)
Compañía de Vinos Telmo Rodríguez
Sierras de Málaga
Year: 2007

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 3rd September 2013

In the exceptionally and constantly mild Malaga region of Axarquia, sitting on limestone and slate with vineyards scattered over its slopes and hillsides, Telmo Rodriguez found himself surrounded and captivated by the magic created by nature and man which represent a precious part of the wine mosiac and therefore Mediterranean culture. “Mountain Wines” were at the height of their glory in the mid-eighteenth century when English merchants, heavily involved in the Sherry trade, coined the term and popularized this naturally sweet wine, not found in Jerez. Doomed to the ostracism of earlier fashions, Telmo seeks the purity of fine, clean, delicious sweet wines, in which the grape and the mountains play a larger role than that of the winery or winemaker.


Golden yellow of low intensity, very seductive with a certain unctuosity in the glass.


Fine, very fragrant. Appealing. Aromas of peach and jasmine flower. Fruit in its purest form.


Elegant, measured vinosity without heaviness. Very complex and full of very fruity flavours. Even after the time spent ageing in bottle. Magnificent final acidity which refreshes and cleanses the palate. A delight.


Created in 1998, Molino Real has become one of Spain’s most iconic sweet wines, particularly because it is a style of wine revived at a time when, as far as the wine world is concerned, it is the grape variety and origin which make a product unique. The peculiar technique used to produce this wine is known as asoleamiento (sun drying) which consists of taking ripe grapes (not overripe), which are then asoleadas (dried in the sun) for a while in paseras (place where the grapes are put out to dry and lose water). This process produces a higher concentration of sugar and other elements due to dehydration. The result is a wonderful, naturally sweet wine which thrills the palate from the very first sip. Its bewitching, fruity fragrance leaves a lasting impression on our memories and its taste brings a permanent smile to our lips.